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As a mastering engineer I value your trust to allow me to assist your artistic vision. I have worked on various styles ranging from Punk to Pop! Whether you're putting out a record or just song, every effort will be used to give you a unique finished product. 



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I've always been artistic in one way or another throughout my life. Whether it was acting, painting on a canvas, or simply trying to write a song. It didn't occur to me until I grew older, I wanted to take part in learning the trade of audio production. In 2021, I pursued my education in audio production by completing my certification course at The Omega Studios School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences. After completing my education, I began exploring different avenues. Mastering spoke to me due to its important process in the final stages of the production stage. It is my responsibility to send off a product that will have a memorable listening experience. 



 It is a common misconception that simply adding volume will make your track sound bigger and louder. As a mastering engineer, my process focuses on adding clarity, expanding the stereo field, and balanced dynamics. This process will result in making your track more competitive regardless if its for personal or commercial use.  



Cost - 30.00 / Per Master




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00:00 / 01:20
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Common Questions 


Does mastering instantly salvage a broken mix? 

Any tracks that have severe issues prior to mastering will not give you the end result you may be hoping for. It is common that any outstanding issues in a mix will become more transparent after mastering. 

Are there requirements before submitting my tracks to get mastered?

Generally when a track is in the process of getting mastered, there will a boost in dynamics. A good rule of thumb is to leave 4db to 6db of headroom prior to any mastering. Submitting a track that is too loud may require unnecessary compression that will prevent any dynamics to be preserved.



Please allow 1-2 business days for any emails to be answered! 


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Thanks for submitting!

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